So where should i start?

Hmm lets see, If you want an adventure that brings you  great characters, bosses, platforming and guns! Jak & Daxter is for you!

First time i played it i felt the humour that the characters brought to the game! it was relaxing but the same time intence as you had to be on your feet to make it through a level!

First game was more basic platforming and with each new game in the series they deliverd on more depth with Dark Jak and new ways to have fun! and with Jak & Daxter 3 we got to ride around in cars, not only 1 but if i remember correct it was 6 of them, you start of with one but when you do races, missions etc you get cash to buy bigger and better cars!

If you miss the old kind of platforming games, this is a great deal for you! It walks hand in hand with the old style of Rachet & Clank! and who can´t love that?!

So i give it a 9.5/10 as they alone are great games and in a bundle they are even better (and of cause 720p and stero3d help ^^)