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IronFall Developers Release Impressive 3DS Tech Demo Video

It's not a quite a trailer, and there's no way to know if it is actually gameplay, but if it is, IronFall for the 3DS is an impressive piece of tech.

The game takes some very obvious cues from Gears of War, but on a much smaller screen. The video showcases a third-person shooter with bulky armored soldiers, but you might not know it was a 3DS game without the handheld's frame embedded in the video.

The video promises 60 fps, impressive lighting, physics, and particle effects, detailed character models, and large buildings falling apart. We'll have to wait and see if the game lives up to the impressive tech shown in the video.

Developer VD-Dev has created some technically impressive and surprising game's on Nintendo's handhelds in the past, like a fully 3D versions of Stuntman and Driver 3 on the Game Boy Advance.

IronFall should be available spring 2014 on the 3DS.

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  • Even if the game isn't a hit i'm sure they can license out the engine and make a killing if it's easy to use.

  • Reminds me of early 360 graphics, which is very impressive all things considered.
  • The 3ds needs more good looking games on it, such as this. You can't get by on waves of Tactical RPGs and Mario games.
  • That was amazing! I'm definitely getting it.

  • Soooo this is Gears of War on the 3DS?

  • Soooo this is Gears of War on the 3DS?

  • Not bad, but the title imo screams boarderline copyright infringement.  Very similar to that ONE game....

  • needs more anti aliasing.
  • Looks like Gears of War, but if it can live up to the awesome of GoW 3 then I totally want to play it.

  • 100% assembly language?  Holy crap.  Props to them.

  • Frankly, I'm more impressed by those old 3D games on GBA. I had no idea that system was even capable of 3D graphics. I have my eye on this game now. If the gameplay lives up to the tech, it should be worth the buy.

  • The biggest issue is, for all we know, that was prerendered. Will the system truly be able to handle the engine? How many enemies can be on screen before the frame rate drops like a rock? Even bigger, multiplayer. How many players can the game handle at once? Apparently we'll ahve the answers in spring next year. I'll be giving this a go.
  • looks like Gears of War

  • It looked pretty good, especially if that was actual game play and not some polished vid.  Not going to get the handheld or the game, but it looks like it could be GofW fun!

  • This Dev also did C.O.P.: The Recruit for DS - the only open-world action game on the platform. Clearly, they like pushing handheld hardware:) I'm glad someone is doing it. This is their first independently published game for the platform. Hopefully without a publisher looking over their shoulder, they can knock out a killer game in other ways besides technically! And... it may be the first shooter for the 3DS, now that I think of it. I remember High Voltage had shown off the Conduit 2 at the E3 where the 3DS debuted, but it never came out. This could definitely be a welcome addition to the 3DS library - especially on the eShop. So here's hoping it's good. A generic, but super solid, Gears clone on the 3DS would be very welcome. This - roughly somewhere between Unreal 2.5 and 3 - all looks totally doable on Gamecube/Wii levels-tech, which is where the 3DS sits, just about. The Wii, infamously, COULD do Normal Mapping... it just wasn't supported by the hardware, and had to be done on the software side, so very few developers bothered to do so. I always wondered what else it could do if developers pushed farther - ditto goes for the 3DS. So I'm happy to see games like this & Jett Rocket 2 doing just that.
  • I hope you can shift the camera to peer over the other shoulder when needed. It's little misses like those that can ruin a game.

  • that looks AMAZING...if they knock out an amazing game, they need to license this as an engine and start handing it out like Halloween candy. This console, as amazing and classic as it already is, has obviously just begun.

  • Looks crazy good for a 3DS

  • Impressive. I hope the game turns out good. Now if they'd make a survival horror with that engine or something like Shadowgate 64, that'd be cool