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IronFall Developers Release Impressive 3DS Tech Demo Video

It's not a quite a trailer, and there's no way to know if it is actually gameplay, but if it is, IronFall for the 3DS is an impressive piece of tech.

The game takes some very obvious cues from Gears of War, but on a much smaller screen. The video showcases a third-person shooter with bulky armored soldiers, but you might not know it was a 3DS game without the handheld's frame embedded in the video.

The video promises 60 fps, impressive lighting, physics, and particle effects, detailed character models, and large buildings falling apart. We'll have to wait and see if the game lives up to the impressive tech shown in the video.

Developer VD-Dev has created some technically impressive and surprising game's on Nintendo's handhelds in the past, like a fully 3D versions of Stuntman and Driver 3 on the Game Boy Advance.

IronFall should be available spring 2014 on the 3DS.

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  • I think it's funny that early PS2 graphics are considered impressive on the 3DS.
  • hopefully they will have a second analog attachment for the 3DS XL, as this game looks like it will need it to handle well.
  • "Gears of War invented third person shooting and space marines" -Gameinformer
  • this is the perfect game for the 3ds audience right after they finish pokemon x and y. :P
  • FINALLY! an actual use for the circle pad pro. This looks awesome.

  • It's gears of war for the 3ds.
  • That is impressive!

  • That is impressive!

  • This looks great but Resident Evil: Revelations 3D is still the best looking game on 3DS so far.
  • Lil gears nice ppl

  • Very impressive tech demo. Glad to hear there's a game attached to this coming out. The 3DS is SORELY LACKING in Western-styled games, action games, and shooters.

    This is on my radar. I can't wait to see more.

    I hope these guys find the strengths that they had when developing highly-rated GBA games over lackluster DS titles. Technical achievement is one thing, they just need to churn out a great game to support it.
  • Never heard of PS VITA ?
  • ah yes! another game that uses the circle pad pro. hoho! also, this is quite interesting, yes?

  • Wow, that looks almost iOS quality...

  • I don't think this looks as good visually as Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.
  • I might have to pick this up to see what it does to the hardware
  • This looks very good, but I'm not sure how well a third person shooter will work on the 3ds unless they make the second stick mandatory but ughh I don't want to have to buy one of those
  • *raises eyebrows* Impressive; I''m not usually one for shooters, but this is cool.

  • Wow. Awesome.
  • I'm glad to see some 3DS developers putting actual effort into their game engines. Resident Evil: Revelations showed us that the 3DS has the power to rival some console games in both graphics and gameplay, yet game developers never take advantage of the 3DS's abilities. It's good to see someone use the 3DS for what it can truly do, and attempt to make a decent looking game for a system that is so underrated.

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