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Invisible, Inc.

Klei's Invisible, Inc. Initiation Trailer Runs Down The Basics

A new trailer for Invisible, Inc., the next title from the developers behind Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve, shows off the basics of how the game plays.

In the trailer, you'll see how some the game's turn-based action works, as well as some of the augment upgrades. It's partly a tactics game, and partly a stealth game. The trailer also offers a peek at what things look like when it all goes wrong.

Upon announcement, Invisible, Inc. was titled Incognita, but it underwent a name change earlier this year.

For more on Invisible, Inc. head here and here.

[Source: Klei Entertainment, via: Polygon]

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  • Love games like this.

  • I'm there!

  • I was just thinking about the name change the other day, in fact. They should have left it as Incognita.
  • The game looks intriguing, but I'm not into paying companies to bug test for them.

  • It looks interesting. I just wish they offered a free beta.

  • Still looks great!

  • funny game..looks interesting

  • Well from what I read this is a different set-up never played a turn based game before. It would have been great if the video worked so I can see the game in action.