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  • Blog Post: Weighed Down By Its Distinguishing Gimmick

    Whenever you see a happy family in a game’s opening act, chances are the children are going to be abducted, infected, or worse before the credits roll. Inversion follows the increasingly popular vengeful dad template, with a missing daughter giving Davis Russel the motivation he needs to do a lot... More
  • Blog Post: Finding My Footing In Inversion

    I just had my first hands-on time with Inversion, the upcoming gravity-defying shooter from Saber Interactive and Namco Bandai. While it looks and talks like a straight Gears of War rip-off – the trailer I watched before the demo is full of gruff, muscular men talking about how “six months... More
  • Blog Post: Live-Action Inversion Trailer Is A J.J.Abrams Salute

    The gravity-defying world of Inversion is still a mystery to gamers. This new live action trailer only furthers the mystery. In the video a disembodied alien force hovers above an unsuspecting metropolis as the rules of physics are tampered with. The brief glimpse at the game has a definite J. J. Abrams... More
  • Blog Post: Looking At The World From A Different Angle

    Gravity is considered one of the weaker forces in the universe. We counteract it every day when we get out of bed or pick a controller up off the couch. The new sci-fi shooter from Saber Interactive, on the other hand, bends the rules of gravity so much that they are about to snap in half. When an army... More
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