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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Get An Early Look At Injustice's Opening Cinematic

If you can't wait for Tuesday's release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, we've got something to get your mind whirring. The contents of the opening sequence for NetherRealm's DC Comics fighter won't come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading the prequel comics, but they are still striking to watch.

Check out Batman, Superman, Joker, and a city that used to be both a nice place to visit and live, but is now neither. Injustice: Gods Among Us arrives on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

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  • I want this so bad...
  • Well, that escalated quickly.
  • Wow. The Joker sucks without Mark Hamill at the helm though. His voice doesn't fit one bit.
  • I actually read this issue, I forgot how it ended but I seem to remember them trying to keep superman from getting Harley Quinn.
  • I'll just wait until the game releases...even though I've been reading the comic this whole time.

  • is joker a playable character?
  • The more I see of this game the more Im thinking about buying it, I think I will wait until Tuesplay and see how good is it.

  • Whoa. I'm normally not into fighting games too much, but since the GI cover story it has seemed like this game would be right up my alley. I need to try the demo!
  • Mod
    Not gonna lie, this was disappointing :/ I know Mark Hamil is done with the Joker and i thought this guy was going to be ok at it, but that laugh is just dreadful. I think they could have done something a little better then the Joker drugging/tricking superman into doing something. Just not my cup of tea, i'll look forward to a "Komplete Edition" if they decide to make one, game was a little fun in the demo but not worth full price for me. Hope people who are excited and hyped for it will enjoy it :]
  • SO glad that I pre-ordered Origins instead. Joker's voice is terrible, but the worst thing here is the graphics. I do not need footage to know that Origins will be better.
  • Having watched one of those awful 'Teletoon' live action shows, I would say this was no different. You would think they would try better than kiddie graphics for a brutal game.

    As for Joker, I think we're best to leave him out of DC's stories until someone can match Mark Hamill's and Caesar Romero's talents.

  • This did not do the comic justice. At all. What the hell happened?
  • wow graphics look like ps1
  • Well, as someone that has never read the prequel comics, that's one heck of an opening. Dang, how is Joker gonna be a fighter in this game after that?. . . Superman was PISSED OFF! I'm pumped for this story, but honestly, does the Joker have to sound like some used car salesman?
  • Joker was always behind on his Colonoscopy checkup. Superman may not have a license, but he certainly has the aptitude.
  • I've read all of the prequel comics, and I don't remember the Joker using a nuke. Might happen in the last one, I'm thinking. Still, good way to open a game.
  • Looks great!

  • Am I the only one who hates the character designs in this game. A couple are okay but most suck.
  • I need to get this!

  • I'm not sure if it was the graphics, writing, or voice acting, but I couldn't get into this.

    I haven't been following this game at all, so I'm not writing it off or anything, but this didn't exactly get me pumped up. The drama felt forced to me, and the dialogue was mediocre. "Superman, no!"...

    Also, I know it's tough to nail the jokers personality and voice, but this guy reminded me more of cookie monster than the joker. They should have just done their own take on him instead of trying to emulate Hamill.

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