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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Green Lantern Fights A Particular Kind of Injustice In Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods of Among Us is a fighter in the grand tradition of NetherRealm Studio's past work (Mortal Kombat), and the matchup for the latest trailer for the game features Green Lantern going face-to-face with himself.

Hal Jordan squares off against a yellow doppelganger of himself, with both bringing some impressive ring effects to the fight.

For more on the game, you can also take a look at this trailer featuring Black Adam. Furthermore, Reiner has rendered his impressions of the title's addictive free iOS game featuring unlocks in the console game and vice versa.

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on April 16.

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  • This reminds me. I have to go trudge through some more of that iOS game later.

    Also, I love the Green Lantern's powers. I can't wait to try him out in the game.
  • what is the green lanterns greatest foe? a taxi.
  • Why no parallax? Sorry that was very nerdy.
  • I played the demo of this game, the combat was much slower than it seems in the trailers, I'm sure if I took time to learn all of the combos the game might go a little faster, but overall it just seems like new polish on the same fighter formula.
  • Whew!!!! I love fighting games to relieve stress. it's not everyday you can smack the hell out of folks with planes, trains and automobiles.
  • Wait... the green lantern's opponent is a Yellow Green lantern... the amount of contradictions in this... is hilarious.
  • I have been excited for this game ever since its announcement. And now that they are showing all this cool stuff right before release I can not wait until Tuesday. This is the only game i will be playing for a while.

  • I find it interesting that this preview says the iOS game is "addicting" when Reiner said the only reason he is still playing it is to get skins for the actual game.
  • Hell, that preview was better than the whole Green Lantern movie.
  • Only six more days til this comes out!! SIX ****ING DAYS!!!

  • "Yeah all that yellow's really tough on the eyes" -- Green Arrow. Okay, the writing keeps looking good for this one. I may finally have found a fighting game worth buying for more than game design knowledge's sake. Especially after really liking the demo.
  • There weren't a whole lot of moves available in the demo for Injustice, so I'm hoping that good' ole Green Lantern has a TON of moves that do HIS powers justice. Guess his fighting himself will be some kind of story element?. . .

  • Wait, so green lanterns are weak against yellow things? That's kind of stupid.
  • Hmmm... Who will win in this clash of the titans?
  • Is this the gay greenlantern or the other one?

  • Everybody is ignoring the most important detail in this trailer: TARA STRONG IS RAVEN AGAIN!!!!

  • Anyone see the Ares vs. Killer Frost battle it was released a fewer hours ago and they look so awesome.

  • I enjoyed this trailer, but if this Hal Jordan also appears, then what's the point of Sinestro? To show that they're all buddy-buddy on the same side again? But wouldn't that mean the same for Shazam and Black Adam, both on the Regime???