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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Suiting Up As Cyborg And Nightwing

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm showed off two new playable fighters at PAX 2012. One is Nightwing, Batman’s former sidekick-turned-autonomous superhero, and Cyborg, the half man, half robot popularized in Teen Titans. I got to battle as both across the Batcave and Metropolis. Though I’m not the best at Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm’s other fighters, I had a fun with the overpowered spectacle of Injustice.

I started off as Nightwing facing off against Superman. On paper, the fight sounds awfully imbalanced, but Nightwing’s speed, versatile weapon, and the gadgets scattered around the Batcave even the odds. Nightwing races into the 2D-fighting arena on his flashy motorcycle. He wields a staff that can be split into two batons. Attacks with the staff are slower but stronger, while the baton flurries are much faster with less damage. Nightwing can also toss projectiles and unleashes a super move that incorporates running over his competition on his motorcycle.

Cyborg is a much slower and stronger character compared to Nightwing. He enters the battle via a portal emitted from his futuristic arm-computer. He packs a heavy punch in melee combat, but also controls space with heat-seeking missiles and ground-sweeping lasers. His special ability allows him to recover a sliver of help, which can turn the tides of battle in a pinch. For his super attack he unleashes a series of screen-filling laser blasts that remind me of Iron Man’s ultimate attacks from the Marvel vs. Capcom series. 

The Batcave and Metropolis feature tons of creative ways to punish your foes with the environment. Getting cornered in a fighting game is generally a bad thing, and NetherRealm is fixing this by putting cool stuff on the edges of the arenas. In the Batcave, players can smash a big red button that launches missiles from the Batmobile at your attacker. Abandoned cars litter the streets of Metropolis, and characters interact with these in different ways. Lightweight characters like Nightwing can vault off a vehicle to deliver an aerial attack to escape the corner. Heavy hitters like Superman simply pick up the car and smash it over their opponent’s head. You can also hit your enemies so hard you send them hurling into new environments, ala Mortal Kombat 3. Sending your foe flying through numerous buildings before he lands city blocks away is a satisfying feeling.

I’m a casual fan of both comic books and fighting games, and Injustice does well to scratch both itches simultaneously. I’m not the type of gamer who digs into the nitty-gritty of fighting game combat (read Dan’s Injustice insightful write-up for that), but I know a fun fighter when I play it. So far Injustice delivers enough character variety, fan service, and eye candy to keep me entertained even if I’ll admit to button mashing in a few instances. While some of the environmental attacks may sound gimmicky, they may be enough to get me hooked long enough to learn more nuances of the game.

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  • ILL PASS....
  • Nightwing... Now that man knows what he's doing.
  • Whoops! Double post Dx
  • This game looks better and better each time I see it. I had a great time playing the game a couple of months ago and I can't wait to play it when it comes out!

  • Awesome, but I probably wont get this game.

  • Here's my problem. It looks like it'll be a blast, but with the environment having weapons and the characters not being "broken-in" by the gamers, i'm sure the fighting system will be easy to take advantage of. For example, infinite air combos or kill-combos. I bet the game will have to be heavily patched after its release. More so than most fighting games. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. Still, I'm excited to try this out.
  • I like this.

  • The latest Mortal Kombat had a fantastic combat system and great design all around, so I'm very excited to see what happens here.

  • Getting this games special edition DAY ONE!! Hoping to see Dr. Fate, Raven, Aquaman, Lobo and Black Manta! :)

  • This just looks like DLC for MK. And yes I do realize this game is coming from the same developer, that's why I said it! :)

  • I want to play this. I told my friend that the DC characters in MK vs DC were more interesting and wished they made a fighter with them instead. And here we are.

  • A must have for me...hopefully it has good combos like mortal kombat

  • I'm so pumped for this that I Gamefly'd Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe to try out NetherRealm's last DC fighter. It's pretty good; still has a lot of the MK: Deadly Alliance/Armageddon influence and style, but also has the refinements made to it's core system that ended up in MK9, like the Super Bar and Combo Breakers. Although the "Klose Kombat" and bizarre "fall damage/arena transition minigame" frickin' suck and are entirely luck-based; glad they got axed for MK9. It does look like Injustice will get a story mode like in MK vs. DCU tho, and I got no complaints about that!

    Injustice looks so much better though, it's not even funny. Even if it's still not sporting world-class visuals here (why does Wonder Woman still have "plastic molded"-looking hair instead of nice, alpha'd polygon strips, like the hair in every other game? C'mon NetherRealm! It's not hard). And, in general, it's gotten super-desaturated.

    I certainly hope they're done with Batman characters tho. There are already enough here in Injustice I'm sick of Batman. Batman gets about 70% of DC's attention these days. He's had 3 movies in the time Superman has had one. He's gotten 6 cartoon series in the past 20 years. And do I even have to mention how many video games the guy has gotten? At the very least, Warner Bros. and DC should be focusing on the "Big 3" of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman equally, but where are the Superman and Wonder Woman characters? I can hardly even name WW characters besides Wonder Girl, Cheetah and Ares - I imagine most people can't even name THAT much. I know for sure that Superman has quite the Rogue's Gallery, yet - again - they're pretty well ignored in favor of Batman this and Batman that. Ugh.

    My point is, they should've put in Steel instead of Cyborg. Even though Cyborg isn't a Batman character - this just seemed like a perfect slot for a Superman character. Especially since Steel is seeing more action from Action Comic's New 52. He's a cool black guy character with a suit of powered armor, like Cyborg... except he has an enormous hammer. That's what you want in a fighting game lineup; a character with a very, very large hammer. :)

    Injustice looks great. It just needs a killer lineup, snappy responsive controls and smooth transitions between attack animations. Something NetherRealm doesn't always do, as sometimes moves don't flow together at all unless part of a pre-defined combo animation. Which lends most of their fighting games this stilted, "dial-a-combo" feel. It's a far cry from Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur or even Tekken, which also had "dial-a-combos" until about Tekken 5.
  • I cant wait to pre-order dis ***.I have blow $60 on this maybe more if theres goin to be a special edition.

  • I hope that they get into some of the more obscure, or less popularized characters. I also think that they need more villains in their roster. People like Ra's al Ghul or Zod would be cool.
    I thought I read somewhere that they were basing this off of New 52... if they are, I would love to see William Cobb.
  • I think I am gonna love this game than the other. It looks more fun and exciting.

  • Sa-weet!

  • I really hope this game can deliver the feeling of being a DC hero.

  • Still a day one purchase.
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