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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Catwoman's Sassy Debut

Between her playable chapters in Batman: Arkham City and The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman is getting plenty of screen time lately. The trend continues with NetherRealm's Injustice: Gods Among Us. This trailer showcases the feline thief's penchant for acrobatics and tight-fitting clothes.

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits PS3, 360, and Wii U next year.

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  • I still think this game is meh, most of the costumes look weird and the addition of blood just does not seem to fit at all, but i'm sure a lot of people would disagree.
  • Really excited for this game.

  • Okay. Neat Addition.

    I just hope they don't go too Batman-heavy with the roster. I mean, Bats, Nightwing, Catwoman, Harley...and you KNOW Joker's going to be in there. There are some amazing characters in Superman's universe too; it's just no one focuses on them. Heck, I bet there are amazing characters throughout the DCU (I just am familiar with Superman)

    Supergirl/Powergirl (either or), Metallo, Steel, Brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid, Bizarro, Parasite, Prime, Eradicator - heck, you could do a fighting game JUST with Superman characters. We've seen a lot of these Batman guys a million times before. It's so boring. Expose people to new characters...

    They're not even delving into interesting or fresh Batman characters. No Huntress? No Court of Owls (they could at least inspire an arena).

    I'm pumped for this game, but I wanna see them take advantage of the DC Universe more. Not just stick to what's been shown a million times before.
  • I Catwomen for this game to come out!! Haha get it?....couldn't help it lol.

  • Part of the selling point for me are the corny puns.

  • every time i read or hear about something new happening with this game it gets me excited to try it. I think it's going to bring fighting games back into the scene

  • . . . . .
  • Meh...
  • Yes the claws are out!!!!

  • Mod

    Kinda neat but she did the same combo quite a bit.

  • Im conflicted about this game. It looks great, but I'm just not sure if they can pull it off. I hope they do though, I havent played a lot of Fighting genre game, and this looks like the one to start with.

  • "purr-fect"

    gotta love the reference to the old Adam West Batman film.

  • Is it me or do the animations not look so great on this one? Like a little too fast to sink in to awesomeness if that makes any sense.

  • She has Raidn feet. The roster for this game looks really cool though. I hope the Joker ends up being in this game because I'm sure he'll be a really good addition.

  • anyone else think she kind of sounded like Azula from Avatar: the last Air bender?

  • awesome :D pretty nice vid :3

  • Like I said before, and in all the other Injustice one purchase.
  • Cool beans.

  • Aquaman would actually be awesome, and he should yell OUTRAGEOUS after every combo.
  • No Hawkman, no sale!