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  • Blog Post: Truly A Masterpiece bound to entertain comic fans and fighting games alike.

    This game is awesome. No way to get around it. It's innovative, it's new, it has great graphics,not to mention visually appealing(and interactive) backgrounds. And best of all, it's not just MK VS. DC Universe with just DC characters. It's a whole new thing. Quality: Like I mentioned... More
  • Blog Post: Injustice: A God Among Games

    Eons ago, in the long, long ago, I played hours upon frustrating hours of Mortal Kombat II , much to the dismay of my easily offended mother. Though that game is quite dated to say the least, it remains one of my favorite games of all time and possibly my favorite Mortal Kombat title. It's rather... More
  • Blog Post: All you could ask for in a DC fighting game

    Injustice pretty much follows suit with the most recent Mortal Kombat. Adopting the familiar and effective combo system, adding in the infamous violence Netherrealm is known for, while introducing a new very fleshed out cast of DC superheroes and villains. The studio did a very good job with the character... More
  • Blog Post: Injustice Gods Among Us: Truth, Injustice, and the American Fighting Game Way

    Fighting games have a bit of a stigma attached to them. Games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom are known for their steep learning curves and almost complete lack of compelling single player content. For competitive players a well-balanced roster of fighters is enough, but for casual fighting... More
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