Graphics & Style:

The Graphics are really good and so is the Style of the look, It has a New 52 Comic and NetherRealm look to it. I love all of the Costumes in the game but a couple and the Stages look great! Them Menus are also very cool looking, I love the set up that they have and I think they have the Best Character Selection Screen and Stage Selection Screen ever! I like how if your in Versus it makes a little Battle Scene! And if your just in Single-Player it still shows you a Full Render of the Character!



The Combat has a Mortal Kombat feel to it but it's different, if your really good at Mortal Kombat you will probably get used to Injustice pretty quick. Each Character has a Wall Bounce and a Ground Bounce which makes Combos easier to pull off than Mortal Kombat. Each Stage also has it's set of Interactable Objects which can be used in different was, like there's a Tree at the Themyscira Stage, and people like The Flash can use it to slam his enemys head into it or he can jump off of it to get behind or in front of his enemy, some Interactables can also be used in Combos. There is also Transitions that you can do that changes the Stage and they can also be used in Combos.



The Story is great and really fun, I like the Two Dimensions thing, but the things I don't like really is that the Finale Battle is Superman vs. Superman I think it would have been cool if it was Batman vs. Superman and it didn't really have any Cameo Characters in it. But it was really fun! And there is Cameo Characters in Stages and the S.T.A.R. Labs Missions, there's also Injustice Comics that tell you more about the second Dimension.



There's a lot of Unlockables in the game, as you Level-Up you get Archives Access Cards which can be used to unlock Modes, Player Card Portraits, Concept Art and Music and you can also get Armory Cards that can be used to unlock Costumes. There is also a Player Card that can be Customized with Backgrounds, Icons and Portraits you can unlock those by Completing Challenges like "Beat Classic Mode with Bane". Also, everytime you Level-Up it gets harder to Level-Up so unlocking stuff should last longer than Mortal Kombat.



Overall I give this game a 10 out of 10, but remember this is only my Review, if your thinking about getting Injustice look at other Reviews and Videos about it and Thanks For Reading my Review For Injustice: Gods Among Us!