First off, let me say that the single player experience was very satisfying. I loved the story mode. I felt like this fighting game brought something new to the table by getting rid of finishing moves and putting more work towards the super moves and enviroment. The multi tiered arenas were in genius and honestly, the story brought justice to the comics. I remember seeing the previews and the battle arena vids on youtube and thinking 'wow, there's no way the joker can survive flying through 10 layers of wall in a building or being punched by doomsday 30+ times through Earth's core'. But I took it as a grain of salt and said 'hey, it's a video game based on fictional characters, s who the hell cares?' But that's actually explained in the story mode.
The voice acting was good, the sound effects were amazing, so why in the world would I give this game an 8 instead of a 9 or higher?
Well, here are some issues. First off, there's no block button. You must move your fighter backwards to block or duck. Why not just make R2 the block button? R2 doesn't do anything else in the game. Also, the 'clashes' in the game, while entertaining, are completely useless on higher difficulties and against other players. In single player mode, you'll find the computer intiating those way more than you will. I also didn't really care for all the special moves (well, MOST special moves) being -> <- Button. I've been playing fighting games for years, keep it down up button or down back button!
My main concern was that I felt like 'juggling' was the main object in the game. I'm fine with that. However, there is no combo breaker such as mortal kombat has where you burn some of your meter to get out of being juggled to death. Juggled to death, you say? Solomon Grundy and Bane BOTH have combos that deal over 100% damage. I think that 100% combos on day zero is something incredibly overlooked by the developers.
Another problems I've experienced is spamming. This is not on the developers, but on players. Spamming the same ranged attacks over and over from the other side of the screen. This happened in the latest mortal kombat was well (probably always will) but there were many characters who could parry ranged attacks. I use to always pick Cyrax or Scorpion when dealing with these people because they could teleport to counter people like this. Injustice offers very little to deal with this. Call me a noob, I don't really care. I still get to them, it's just way more of a hassle dealing with people spamming Batman's batarangs than it really should be. People use to spam Ermac's special abilities, but they were easily countered by multiple different characters. But that concept has sort of left Netherealm as they've made it like 'Hey, they're spamming a ranged attack on you. So you better spam them back!'
If you're just looking to have fun and play as superman and knock the crap out of aquaman, then this game is right for you! I've had tons of fun so far. I'm still playing it. I'll admit that when you beat the standard battle mode, you get next to nothing (maybe 30 seconds or less) of an ending for that character, the game IS fun. But for players looking to advance, you better get good at either juggling or spamming. Sorry to say, but that seems to be the case.
I give this game an 8/10 mostly because the game is FUN! :) I love fighting games and instantly spotted some huge errors right off the bat (like the lack of a block button) but I still think this was a very enjoyable experience!