Injustice: Gods Among Us is a game I had never payed much attention to. Sure I did love Mortal Kombat vs Dc universe (nobody else did, but I don't care. It was good). I also loved the new Mortal Kombat with it's supper accessability and it's very good fatality system. This game just never struck me for some reason. Recently I decided to play it anyway because I love DC and Mortal Kombat and am deffinately glad I tried it.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are very solid. They have a good texture quality and the character models look fantastic. There are a few graphical glitches here and there, like a scene in the story with Banes AK-47 (it looked awfull). Other than that this game will be a very good treat to the eyes with a AAA title like production value.

Gameplay: The gameplay to this game is very solid. Like Mortal Kombat before it Injustice uses a 3 button system using light medium and heavy attacks. Then the combos can be strung together using this system. After that there are of course moves such as deathstrokes pistols to using batmans batarang. All of the comboes feel genuine and all fit together nicely without to awfull much work on them, The game does not a very large learning curve, but it will take a while to master this game. The online play on this game is also just as smooth although I could do without it being as everyone I play against just spams the same combos on me. The bots tend to do this at times also and almost always makes me rage when they do.

Story: The story on Injustice takes place on multiple universes and has Superman basically being a world dictator. This comes about when the Joker drugs him and makes him kill Lois and his unborn child triggering a bomb on Metropolis. Sounds dark, well it is. The story does get back to a heroic root and ends very nicely and feel good like.

Overall this is a game that you probobly should not miss. If you are a fighting game fan or a DC fan then you should pick this game up. If not then rent it and give it a shot. You won't regret it. With a few unballences and a few overall anoyances don't hold this game back from being a great fighting game.