After seeing an overall decent response to Injustice: Gods Among Us, I decided to pick it up as one of my birthday presents. At first, I saw the game as heavy and mediocre, however after spending hours in the story mode and about the same amount of time in the online multiplayer, I have grown very fond of this DC Fighting game.

Injustice allows you to play as 24 different DC characters from the comics, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women, as well as some lesser known characters such as Killer Frost and Cyborg. At an initial release I think the game has a slightly smaller cast than I expected, since it is a smaller cast than Mortal Kombat 9. However the characters are a ton of fun, I've personally grown fond of Nightwing during my playthroughs. The game has charm, and I'll go ahead and say early in this review that it is definitely worth the 60 dollar price tag that it currently has. 

If you're terrible at fighting games like I am, I'd highly recommend playing the tutorial at first. The game recognizes your first time playing the game, and asks if you want to play the tutorial, which I found to be a well appreciated touch. The tutorial does a great job of explaining the basics and more advanced tactics of the game, which is to be expected. 

Now I jump into story mode. To be honest, its short. Way too short. I was expecting about the same amount of chapters as characters in the game. Unfortunately the game only has 12 chapters in story mode, and two of them are played by the same character(Who I won't reveal for spoilerific reasons). So you only get to experience 11 different characters, not even half of the games initial cast. The story is almost over before it really begins to take off. The game also takes an annoying turn in plot, which put a sour taste in my mouth the moment I started playing. Not a good way to start out. On top of this, the story is very average and cliche, with obvious "twists" and a scene, while somewhat cool, taints the story of the game a bit for me. Those who who have played will most likely know what I'm talking about. If I was simply ruling this game on story, it would get a much worse rating. As much as I like story, its not the most important aspect of a fighting game. The fighting is. 

The action of this game is awesome, which is to be expected from the creators of Mortal Kombat. While the cut scenes get slightly repetitive after a while(However the environmental interactions can be turned off), the meat of the combat is fun and is definitely intriguing. It takes aspects of several fighting games to make an almost flawless experience. If it wasn't for the obvious exploits of the range attacks, the very heavy feel of some characters, and the OP aspects of some characters, I'd give the game a 8.5 based on the combat, however it isn't flawless. But its incredibly fun. 

To touch up, the game is a lot of fun. Besides the lackluster story mode, there is a lot to do in this game. A ladder system that they simply call "battle" adds a lot of single player fun. However the S.T.A.R Labs is slightly tedious. The leveling system that mimics many FPSs adds a sense of achievement, and the online King of the Hill(KOTH) tournaments are amazingly fun and brings new elements to Multiplayer that other fighters should implement in the future. Overall, this game is well worth the price tag , especially for DC lovers. If you're on the edge, I'd recommend this game due to its combat. If you take story seriously no matter what the title, maybe wait for the game to drop to about 30 bucks. The game was good enough to inspire me to write my first review and hopefully I've done my part to convince you to pick it up.