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Perfect, almost...

This is one of those games that make you scratch your head and wonder "why can't all games be this good?" There are very few games that actually do that these days even back in the cartridge days. First off, my one and only gripe is alot of the cut scenes look pretty bad. Whats with the characters walking with a turd in their tights? But when your going into fight mode the characters look and move awesome! Other than that, Injustice does everything right. From the main menu screens to the extras to pre-fight intros to the game mechanics, well you get the picture. Don't even get me started on the story, its SO good its hard to stop. Sure comic book nerds will rage on god-like strength vs mere humans with gadgets could never happen, but heres a secret...ITS A VIDEO GAME. At least the writers addressed this a lil in the game but I won't give any of the story away, its really that good. Personally I'm more of Street Fighter player but its cool that a game comes along that is so different I need to learn something new. Anyone tired of getting combo'ed by someone not even looking at the screen, cough MVC3.  Finally, DLC that is coming should keep players coming back for more(BTW just buy the season pass its only 15 bucks). Side note, too bad Young Justice got canceled some of those characters/skins/stories woulda been awesome, but we will never see them...


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