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Infinity Blade III

Celebrate The Infinity Blade III Launch With A New Trailer

The third installment in Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade series is available right now, and the latest trailer gives you a closer look at the heroes and weapons that you will see in your quest to defeat the God King.

Infinity Blade III is available on iOS for $7, and marks the conclusion of the story that began with the original Infinity Blade in 2010. For more info (and to see the game in action), watch the trailer below. You can also watch an animated short providing some backstory.

Our review for Infinity Blade III will be online a little later today. 

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  • Man... Even though I have the previous two titles, I haven't beaten them yet. This really makes me want to though! I beat the god king in the first one, and I was altogether unsure of what I'm supposed to do, but then I found out I have to buy the Infinity blade first! And that takes a fortune. That would take A LONG time to grind to get to that level. I kinda just quit after that. JRPG levels of grinding doesn't exactly titillate me.

  • Game looks great. I always thought these games were pretty fun.

  • Got IB2 for free and spent about 45 seconds with it before I couldn't take it anymore.

  • that looked great, until the crafting powers part - then I thought I was watching a trailer for Bejeweled.

  • Looks like a great game but not my thing at all.

  • I wish these games were on devices other than iOS. I really want to try them out, but don't want to pick up an iOS device.

  • Looking forward to some quality battling.

  • That was by far the most INTENSE iOS game trailer I've seen yet, it kind of made me laugh

  • Damn, that looks beautiful, too bad it's only on iOS, they should put these out for consoles after a year or so. The graphics are unbelievable.
  • Still playing the 2nd IB game. Once this one hits the sale rack I'll be downloading it.