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Infinite Crisis

New Trailer Accompanies Open Beta Launch

Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive’s DC Universe moba, Infinite Crisis, entered open beta today. Accompanying the launch of its open beta is a new trailer asking “what do you fight for?”

Infinite Crisis’ lineup of champions includes Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, and other popular DC characters. Green Arrow, MechaSuperman, and Aquaman have also been added to the roster for the open beta. A full list and description of champions can be found on the Infinite Crisis website.

As of right now, three maps are available to play. Gotham Divided is a three-lane map reminiscent of the canceled Gotham by Gaslight game. Coast city is a two-lane map with a shorter, easier lane to push, and a longer lane with important objectives. Gotham is the final map currently available, and it’s circular in shape with five control points that need to be captured. If your team captures a majority of the points, the other team’s health decreases.

If you’re interested in the beta, you can sign up on the Infinite Crisis website. Last year at GDC we were able to go hands-on with Infinite Crisis. You can find our opinions here.

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  • So many betas, so little time...

  • Another MOBA type game? Is that what this title is?

  • Man, that trailer was pretty awesome. The screenshots look really nice, too. I might...try the beta....

  • That flash, green lantern, superman combo on Doomsday was pretty nice...

  • MOBAs... MOBAs everywhere. As someone that doesn't play them... eh.
  • I don't get why people play MOBAs so much. The trailer looks so cool, but the gameplay looks boring as crap.

  • Are chaos and mayhem not the same thing?Also, the art for joker and superman looks really out of character/ grotesque. Why does everyone feel the need to make things dark and edgy?
  • OH this is another MOBA? kept getting emails to be in the closed beta. Not my type of game.

  • This looks pretty cool!

  • Looks awesome! That combo on Doomsday at the end was pretty sick! O_O
  • another moba....

  • dumb.

  • Dont particularly care for the game...but DC needs to make a CG movie...they have such good work on the with DCU

  • Not my kind of thing either i don't like 2 or 3 lane maps game at all, there is no feeling of exploration, or that reward its all about grinding. But i might try it when it comes out of beta just to know how it feels.

  • I have spent far too much time learning LoL to consider switching to another MOBA unless I hear it is really freakin good.

  • Didn't even know this existed. Perhaps it could be a moba that I will finally play? Seriously, I have Dota 2 just sitting there in steam, and I never once touched it.