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Infinite Crisis Entering Open Beta In March

Update: Me mistakenly reported that Infinite Crisis enters open beta this May. The date is actually March 14. 

Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that its upcoming DC universe MOBA, Infinite Crisis, will shift from closed beta to open beta this March. The company also revealed new playable champions for the free-to-play game, including Aquaman and a high-tech version of the Man of Steel.

Infinite Crisis entered closed beta last year, and developer Turbine is opening the doors on its open beta March 14. Players will be able to test their MOBA might on a tri-lane map called Gotham Divided. Along with the news of the open beta, Warner Bros. Interactive also announced that Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Mecha Superman will be joining the fight. Check out the videos below for more information on the new heroes, and see the media gallery even farther below for new art.


Green Arrow

Mecha Superman


For more information on Infinite Crisis, read our hands-on impressions.

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  • Mecha Superman? Wtf, one of the dumbest creations ever.
  • I'm new to MOBAs and love DC comics, so I may just check this out if I hear good things.

  • Naaaah, not interested

  • I'll give this game a shot with the open beta, but I doubt it'll provide me with a MOBA experience better than what I already get in Dota 2.

  • For those of you that are skeptical about this game, it is actually really fun and offers a different experience than you would find in LoL or DOTA 2. I particularly like the dominion like map that Infinite Crisis sports as I think it is more fun than the version in LoL. Check it out when it goes open beta, you might just like it and it is worth it just to see their takes on your favorite DC characters.
  • Is there like a crazy demand for MOBAs right now? Or is this all reactionary to some MOBA game that hit it big? I honestly never paid much attention to the genre.
  • Cool beans.

  • Mecha Superman?

  • Um, pretty sure it's already in open beta. I went to their site, made an account, and I've played a few games already. Didn't need an invite or anything.