As a big fan of Infamous and an even bigger fan of Playstation, I pre-ordered this game with high hopes, and I got what I paid for. Although not a super, crazy, awesome AAA game, it is a worthy addition to your Playstation 4's library. The games center point always appears to be the graphics, particle effects and all. I just cannot get over how beautiful this game looks, the water and ground reflects accordingly, the particle effects are phenomenal, and the character models look great. The animation for this game looks great as well, the facial animations could not be any better. The game also center points the gameplay. Gliding around, running, and climbing  are all smooth and uninterrupted. Fighting and shooting also work great as well. The implementation of the new PS4 controls do come in, but it feels a little forced. The story on the other hand,isn't really that great. The characters that seemed more interesting didn't get enough screen time. Eugene, Fetch, and Hank all should have been given a great back story but instead, you only see a normal, short, comic book style cutscene of the little parts of their lives to where they are now.The conflict and little additions did seem to little close to home with the conduits seeming to be the funhouse mirror image of this world's homosexuals and I like that addition because it seems that they created a way to express their opinions on world problems through a game ( and who says video games aren't art?). Overall, this game was a exceptional experience, but it does have it's flaws. In my opinion Sucker Punch, you really need to work on the character development and story more. Once they do that, I think i'll give the next game a 10/10, but until then, hasta la vista!