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Infamous Second Son

New Infamous: Second Son Trailer Shows Off Neon Powers

Infamous: Second Son’s release is just around the corner, and Sucker Punch has a new trailer that shows off one of antihero Delsin’s superhuman powers

Delsin’s neon ability is a ranged attack, one that creates some pretty amazing particle effects. You’ll also see his smoke ability, which allows him to attack foes seemingly out of thin air. The developers also talk a bit about the game’s morality system and how your choices affect the story and gameplay experience.

  • I CANNOT WAIT! This is the reason I bought a PS4 and I am super excited for this game. Hopefully Thief can hold me over until it comes out.
  • I cannot wait to play this game. I still find it hard to grasp the concept of neon powers, but at least it looks cool.

  • Just so you guys know... Youtube channel: Rev3Games' Adam Sessler recently played a small portion of Infamous: Second Son and he had interesting thoughts on the game. I wanna put this game on the max difficulty to see how much the AI is a challenge .
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    GIO. I love this site. I do. I watch the ads to support the website. But I swear, if I have to sit through one more "Vengeance Has Eyes..." Ninja Gaiden trailer, I'm going ham and punching something in the face. At least give us some variety!! I'm really hyped for this game, even though I don't even have a Ps4 yet!! I just want to get one quick play session is all, just touch the controller... Feel Delsin's beanie and caress his cheek... I wonder what powers he'll have when this game releases. I sense a water-based power (co'mon, this is Seattle that we're talking about). I'll go nuts if he is able to absorb rain as it is falling. I'm getting tired of the ads for this game, though. Every promotional video they run for it is just a rehash of a bunch of stuff we've already seen, just worded up differently.
  • I'm getting kind of sick of the Neon powers. I hope there's more that aren't just lesser ones because they're advertising the crap out of neon. I also want to know if the enemies ragdoll when they die. The previous games it was always a canned animation that sometimes looked wonky because they ended up on a non-flat surface and part of them clipped through stuff. Also, I like Nate Fox. Seems like a fun guy to have as a coworker.
  • I know that graphics aren't the most important element of a game, but the neon powers and the fire from the explosions looks incredible. I"ll be playing this game in the dark as often as I can.

  • March can't come soon enough.

  • Man this is beautiful

  • I'm getting that neon feel!

  • The one exclusive that'll undoubtedly make me choose a PS4 when the time comes.

  • I'm getting that neon feel!

  • They straight up said there are other powers in the game they're NOT revealing. They want to keep as much secret as possible. I think one of the developers was asked on twitter "what's your favorite power in the game?" And he responded "one you haven't seen yet :)"
  • Nate Fox stopped himself from cursing like 3 times in that video.

    Siht si eht hturt, rof I ma Eht Ecnesse.

  • I need this.

  • This will likely be my first or second PS4 game, depending on Watch Dogs' turnout. I don't plan to buy a PS4 until next Christmas, when one of the newer editions come out.
  • Got the Collector's Edition Pre-ordered :)

    Being Canadian, I could really use that beanie. Too bad the game is coming out late March and I won't be using it as much :/

  • Looking epic. The next few months have some crazy good games to be playing. Can't wait!

  • But are we finally getting flight in this game?
  • Can't wait to see what other powers Delsin will get, the game is looking super fun with just the smoke and neon powers as it is.

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