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Infamous Second Son

A New Look At Infamous: Second Son’s Seattle

Seattle has a reputation for being a rainy city. While that might be depressing for some, Sucker Punch is using weather to its advantage in Infamous: Second Son.

A new video featuring game director Nate Fox, technical art lead Jason Connell, environment artist Josh Rife, and art director Horia Dociu shows off some of the water effects as well as how lighting will interact with rainy streets and puddles. 

Infamous: Second Son will arrive on March 21 for PlayStation 4. For more on Sucker Punch’s next superhero adventure, check out a hands-on preview from the PlayStation 4 launch and our cover story from June 2013.

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  • definitely pre-ordering this when I get my check.

  • Those graphics are mind-blowing o.o I can't wait to see the different kinds of beautiful games that get released over time. It's going to be great...
  • I want this game so bad it hurts.

  • i'll be getting this just so i can play around Seattle. love that city

  • Speaking of Seattle, GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • Wow, this looks pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

  • I am really excited for this and I am looking forward to seeing Seattle in the game since I live in Washington.

  • Finally a walking animation I was worried for a second.

  • Those graphics are gorgeous. Running around with superpowers in foggy Seattle sure looks like a good time to me!
  • This game comes in spring. I thought it was not coming out now.

  • Looks absolutely fantastic. Too bad it's a stupid exclusive. Once it's out, I'll stop caring about it.

  • Can't say that Infamous 2 had a good story at all. The main boss was a total chump and the game got boring after a while when you find out half of what the team promised was superficial at best. Also the scaling on the PS3 was awful...

    Will wait for a proper review and then pick it up when the price is right (assuming I own a PS4 by then).

  • Beautiful

  • Beautiful

  • the first real next gen title for me


  • I am actually very cheerful and relaxed during rainy and stormy weather. Games with raining and thunder as a level ambiance, either indoors or outside, I feel to help me be immersed in the game. I really really enjoy bad weather I guess... haha