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Infamous Second Son

Wreaking Havoc Under The Space Needle

Infamous Second Son's Delsin Rowe is unrepentant about his newfound powers, even as society fears and vilifies his kind. As we saw in a new gameplay demo, it's easy to understand how a person could grow attached to being superpowered.

In the gameplay video, Rowe infiltrates the Space Needle and surrounding science-museum grounds to take out surveillance equipment. His fire and smoke-based abilities allow him to do things like phase through chain-link doors, which makes his mission easier. Once inside, he takes out Department of United Protection guards by warping near them and either overwhelming them with smoke or flailing them into submission with his fire-imbued chain. His opponents are clearly outmatched; the DUP agents can't seem to draw a reliable bead on him thanks to his constant evasion.

Rowe is a threat at a distance, too, hurling fireballs that knock cover aside and blast through armor. In the rare moments when things get too hairy, Rowe rockets skyward, leaving a fiery trail behind him.

After working his way through the compound, Rowe demolishes a surveillance van and shuts it down. The move attracts a heavy amount of backup, though Rowe remains unconcerned. From ground level, he leaps up to the height of the Space Needs, pausing to smirk at the camera before smashing down to the ground. All visible DUP threats are taken out in the resultant destruction, and the demo ends with a literal bang.

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  • I need this game in my hands yesterday!
  • They should have shown game play at the conference this looks really good

  • This game alone should change the mind of anyone who was going to buy the Xbox One. All of the destruction and lens flares are really cool.
  • Mod
    This is one of those games that actually looks next gen, it makes me excited. I really like how the smoke and fire look. Day one purchase.
  • I would like to see the choices expanded beyond red/bad blue/good. I'm also interested to see how the smoke/fire powers affect the environment, and how(or if) Rowe refuels his power
  • I cannot wait any longer to play this! I still found it kinda weird how aim-mode is gonna work in this one compared to the other inFamous games. It has me somewhat concerned.
  • Although im still not sold on the kinda generic FIGHT THE POWER, BEAT THE MAN character, the gameplay looks absolutely fantastic as expected!
  • Yes, yes, yes! This game is gonna be awesome, similar to the previous ones, but better, cooler, oh and did I forget to mention awesome! A few weeks back I remember having to defend the use of smoke/fire ability because a few of the so-called gamers said it was "stupid". Unfortunately they lacked the imagination of endless possibilities when using such an ability in the world of gaming. Sucker Punch rocks!
  • Soooo sad its not a launch or near launch title :(
  • Was never really into Infamous, but this.....wow, just wow.

  • Dem vest physics...
  • amazing.  truly amazing.

  • Why can't this launch day one along with the PS4? So looking forward to this! I didn't know what game to preorder when I reserved the PS4 today, thinking this was a day one release. I just threw down on Killzone.
  • I am curious how he is going to recharge his powers and health
  • Quite excited for this. Looks like good fun, like the previous two entries.

  • i luv delsin's sense of humor in the end

  • Woah!! Did those soldier's just Earth Bend? (Lol) Reminds me of the ice soldiers in inFamous 2. Makes you wonder, is DUP harvesting Conduits powers when they capture them perhaps, hmmm. I Wonder if their are other conduits alongside Delsin rebeling against DUP.
  • That's at least one PS4 sold.

  • This is gonna be a day one purchase, including several others for the PS4.

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