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Infamous 2 Blog Guidelines

    WOW this game was absolutely amazing. InFamous 2 has to be one of my favorite games ever! They made significant improvements in combat, traversal, environments, enemies, and especially POWERS. The fact that they improved the Static Thrusters made me drool... More
  • Infamous 2: With Great Powers Comes Good Times

    With Infamous: Second Son coming our way on the PS4 later this year, there’s no better time to take a look back at the series’s previous outing of Infamous 2 and its last time with Cole McGrath. The first Infamous was one of gaming’s... More
  • The Best Superhero Game Ever

    inFAMOUS 2 does a lot of things right and is a mainstay in the open world genre. GTA is in a league of its own so the only real major competitor to inFAMOUS is Assassins Creed. Sure there are games like Sleeping Dogs but most likely won't advance... More
  • Runs Out Of Steam

    InFamous 2 opens with a bang. Your introduced to a dangerous, seemingly invincible new foe, improved graphics, a new voice actor for Cole (not an improvement in my opinion but your mileage may vary), and a welcome change of scenery. However the shockwave... More
  • Infamous 2 returns with more power

    Infamous 2 really shocked the crap out of me. I was reading Gameinformer, and there it was. I was just so excited. I couldn't wait, and when I got it, and was better then ever. Graphics are great. Improved and really good. Story pretty good. Campaign... More
  • Wombat On The Grill: Infamous 2 review: Cole can kill Thor any day.

    Infamous 2, of Infamous 2. Such a marvelous game. I have only one complaint. The ending, has a chance of not letting a third game come. That's right. My complaint is basically that I like this game too much. Graphics: In the original game one thing... More
  • Infamous 1-2 Transitions

    I think the game infamous 2 is a marvelous way to finish the first game as a whole. If you only play the first game and the begining of this game it isn't going to make any sense. Without spoiling to much, you meet old friends, make new ones and make... More
  • Infamous 2: An Electrifying Super Hero Romp Through Familiar Territory

    Cole MacGrath is a bad-a$$: he climbs buildings faster than Ezio Auditore, sports a haircut that’ll never go out of style, and can take out enemies in a variety of ways with his electric super powers (can you say electricity grenades?). On top of... More
  • Infamous 2: More Action With Less Story

    Infamous 2 picks up right where the first installment left off; Cole MacGrath expecting an all-out fight with the Beast. This predicted conflict forms the opening cinematic of the game. However, Cole is bested easily, forcing him and his once best friend... More
  • InFamous 2 Review <EmberStone>

    I thought Infamous 1 was a great game then i got Infamous 2 and i was blown away. tremendous game, the graphics were solid. I love the game and level creation editor tool. Because im into creating things. i give in second oppinion Infamous 2 a 9 instead... More
  • Fantastic game, that sadly wants to keep up.

    Infamous dropped in 2009 to become one of the hard hitters for the ps3. Now the sequel comes and broadens every single aspect from the first, which is fantastic, and awful at the same time. I could get into the back story, but if you haven't played... More
  • An Electrical Journy

    I have beaten Infamous 2 twice already, once a good guy and once a bad guy. after I write this I an probably going to go play it again. This time around, Cole McGrath is more likeable. We understand him and learn more about him in this game then we ever... More
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