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  • Blog Post: InFamous 2 Review <EmberStone>

    I thought Infamous 1 was a great game then i got Infamous 2 and i was blown away. tremendous game, the graphics were solid. I love the game and level creation editor tool. Because im into creating things. i give in second oppinion Infamous 2 a 9 instead of an 8.75 . Two thumbs up. This Review was Writen... More
  • Blog Post: Fantastic game, that sadly wants to keep up.

    Infamous dropped in 2009 to become one of the hard hitters for the ps3. Now the sequel comes and broadens every single aspect from the first, which is fantastic, and awful at the same time. I could get into the back story, but if you haven't played the first game yet even after it was free on that... More
  • Blog Post: Sucker Punch Makes Lightning Strike Twice

    *Warning, this review contains spoilers for the first inFAMOUS, and minor spoilers for inFAMOUS 2.* The Beast is coming, and Cole MacGrath has to stop it. This is the start and driving point of inFAMOUS 2's story, and it's a pretty scary thought. The Beast, who is a giant, humanoid monster, is... More
  • Blog Post: Everything I wanted plus some more!

    I feel like this was an awesome game and welcome addition to the series. Not to mention with the lackluster line-up I've seen so far this second quarter, I think this was an awesome way to start off the summer and was just what the doctor ordered to quench my gaming fix. TECHNICAL The bugs were few... More
  • Blog Post: Static Cling So Close to Greatness (full review)

    Story: *warning may contain spoilers* Infamous’s narrative has always been strong, drawing heavily from post silver age comic books and super hero movies. It centers around Cold McGrath, a guy who got super powered in the first game and now awaits the arrival of the fabled “beast”.... More
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