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    WOW this game was absolutely amazing. InFamous 2 has to be one of my favorite games ever! They made significant improvements in combat, traversal, environments, enemies, and especially POWERS. The fact that they improved the Static Thrusters made me drool as I traveled through New Marais with ease. Then... More
  • Blog Post: Runs Out Of Steam

    InFamous 2 opens with a bang. Your introduced to a dangerous, seemingly invincible new foe, improved graphics, a new voice actor for Cole (not an improvement in my opinion but your mileage may vary), and a welcome change of scenery. However the shockwave from this newness explosion loses strength quickly... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 1-2 Transitions

    I think the game infamous 2 is a marvelous way to finish the first game as a whole. If you only play the first game and the begining of this game it isn't going to make any sense. Without spoiling to much, you meet old friends, make new ones and make new enemies and partners in crime. The Beast makes... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2: An Electrifying Super Hero Romp Through Familiar Territory

    Cole MacGrath is a bad-a$$: he climbs buildings faster than Ezio Auditore, sports a haircut that’ll never go out of style, and can take out enemies in a variety of ways with his electric super powers (can you say electricity grenades?). On top of that, he also has two super-power laden ladies fighting... More
  • Blog Post: Fantastic game, that sadly wants to keep up.

    Infamous dropped in 2009 to become one of the hard hitters for the ps3. Now the sequel comes and broadens every single aspect from the first, which is fantastic, and awful at the same time. I could get into the back story, but if you haven't played the first game yet even after it was free on that... More
  • Blog Post: can this game surpass the orginal?

    I really liked the first infamous. The missions were great, and the overful enjoyment of gliding of wires and using your powers for good or evil was amazing. A warning i want to get across to people that didnt play infamous 1 and are planning are buying this game is dont do it. You wont understand the... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2: A Must Have For PS3 Owners

    In Infamous 2, protagonist Cole McGrath travels to the fictional city of New Marais (based on New Orleans) to find blast cores necessary to boost his powers. All the while, his nemesis "The Beast" is coming for him. Similar to how the first Infamous tracked days in the Empire City quarantine... More
  • Blog Post: Everything I wanted plus some more!

    I feel like this was an awesome game and welcome addition to the series. Not to mention with the lackluster line-up I've seen so far this second quarter, I think this was an awesome way to start off the summer and was just what the doctor ordered to quench my gaming fix. TECHNICAL The bugs were few... More
  • Blog Post: Static Cling So Close to Greatness (full review)

    Story: *warning may contain spoilers* Infamous’s narrative has always been strong, drawing heavily from post silver age comic books and super hero movies. It centers around Cold McGrath, a guy who got super powered in the first game and now awaits the arrival of the fabled “beast”.... More
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