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Infamous 2 returns with more power

Infamous 2 really shocked the crap out of me. I was reading Gameinformer, and there it was. I was just so excited. I couldn't wait, and when I got it, and was better then ever.

Graphics are great. Improved and really good. Story pretty good. Campaign about 8-12 hours. Voice acting good. Gameplay is real good. The big thing, it really fun. Recommende for all PS3 owners.

Overall, iNFAMOUS 2 is a improved and really good game. Wonder what Sucker Punch wil do next? I would give Infamous 2 a

9.25 out of10

  • Jordolo short review

    Graphics are good. Gameplay was pretty good, and really fun. I liked the story, so yeah it was good. Finally the score was good. Overall, I would give this a

    9.25 out of 10