Infamous 2, of Infamous 2. Such a marvelous game. I have only one complaint. The ending, has a chance of not letting a third game come. That's right. My complaint is basically that I like this game too much.

Graphics: In the original game one thing really bugged me. The world was almost completely grey with no vivid colors. In New Marais, that changes completely. The world feels more alive, and has been added considerably in detail.  As well  as the lightning, ice, and fire effects. Making for a great looking game.

Gameplay: Similar to game play in Uncharted to some extent. The controls almost replicate Uncharted. R1 to use powers, L1 to aim. D-pad is now used to scroll through  different versions of already known powers. I love this new addition. Finding collectibles is as fun as ever. Especially with the birds, where you have to run from roof to roof and shock it down. Parkour is also involved in this game. You earn more powers over the course of the game and you fell *** from the beginning.

Sound: Everything sounds perfect. Cole's new voice fits the character more and the music is always great.

Overall: Infamous 2 ending doesn't leave much space for a new game, depending how you play.