I have beaten Infamous 2 twice already, once a good guy and once a bad guy. after I write this I an probably going to go play it again. 


This time around, Cole McGrath is more likeable. We understand him and learn more about him in this game then we ever have. We understand the things he goes through and at times even feel bad for him. His quest to destroy the beast is a good one and , even though at times it falls flat, the second half of the game is truly jaw-dropping. Sucker punch also made every single character more likeable, especially Coles sidekick, Zeke. In the first Infamous Zeke was just there to make you laugh. That is definetly not the case in Infamous 2. Cole rely's on Zeke to come through for him and Zeke even comes through and saves his life a bunch of times. Sucker punch also really upped the graphics from infamous one. The new voice actor for Cole fits him much better and the rest of the cast shines too. There are some problems though. For one, even though you were told that cole would have every power to start with is wrong. After the Beast kicks Coles butt in the beginning of the game Cole loses about 25% of his powers. Another one, is that cole actually feels weaker in the end of INfamous 2 than he did at the ens of 1. Thats because Cole had an infinite lightning blast in Infamous 1 AND LOSSES IT IN THE SEQUEL! I can't understand why sucker punch would do this for any reason at all


With that being said Infamous 2 is a masterpiece. I hope that you go pick it up because I haven't even talked about the things in the game that you can do, like the user-generated content, dead drops, and the morality choices where you have to pick if you want to be a hero or a killer. If you own a ps3, GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!