I really liked the first infamous. The missions were great, and the overful enjoyment of gliding of wires and using your powers for good or evil was amazing. A warning i want to get across to people that didnt play infamous 1 and are planning are buying this game is dont do it. You wont understand the twists and turns that occur, and you might not even enjoy it.

The missions in infamous 2 are fun, but not as good as the original. Some of them were very repetitive. But when the missions are fun, they are amazing. The maps are more living, breathing places. Unfortunitly, one of them, which is underwater, are not fun. This paticular map slows down the pace, considering you cant touch the ground. It just feels like a dead place, not a new york city clone that you may have loved in the original.

The biggest problem in this game is the fact that you have these amazing, god-like powers, and you dont face enemies that are challenging enough. Towards the end of the game, i felt like i could have taken down king kong, but all i got were not so difficult monsters.

Overall, this game is great. If you loved the story of the first, chances are you already picked this game up. But if you havnt, i would recommend it, because the ending to the second one is great, and will have you hoping for a third.