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Infamous 2

A First Look At Infamous 2's User-Generated Missions

Earlier this evening Sucker Punch revealed that Infamous 2 will launch with the capacity to create user-generated missions. Now we've got a handful of screens and a video that further demonstrate the new feature.

Check out the media below.

  • this is an awesome addition to infamous 2

  • very nice. i am pretty exited for this.

  • That is indeed a neat feature.  Good for Infamous fans.  Ill just be renting it

  • That is really cool. Definitely was not expecting it though,awesome surprise.

  • I'm glad I own a PS3 already, because this game looks to be worth the system.

  • This, I did not see coming. I'm super happy about it though! I hope they have an intuitive content-creation system, because I love that stuff

  • Wow, this is a surprisingly ambitious feature for a game that looked to be great without it. Nice.

  • wow, i'm really impressed. i'd love to give it a try

  • SICK!

  • yay, looks like im bringing my lbp creating skills to infamous 2 soon!!
  • still hoping a coop(online) mode is announce imagine playing user generated content with a friend!
  • what is happening in that second screen shot?

  • i am personally not a fan of infamous....yes i d0 agree this one looks much much better..but i probably wont get it..although i love the idea of user generated missions i absolutely love anything that allows me to get creative...i really wish this addition would be highly looked at in other games...even the player without online...something like black ops where you had to have online to play combat training was stupid....this would help keep the game fresh for offline players as well...being able to setup where you team is and which way they will patrol....set upp your terrain..and what kind of mission you have...this i believe would be absolutely amazing in the upcoming battlefield 3....and i will probably have to rent this game jst for this new addition to the game
  • Looks like a great thing to add in, I am just concerned it will get nerfed somehow which will make the feature get panned by reviewers.

  • I am definitely getting this game.

  • I'm impressed, never expected something like this from Sucker Punch. Hopefully this works well for them and we can see some similar stuff from developers in the same genre.

  • Every game should have something like this. This gives a great gaem endless replay value

  • This is cool to hear infamous is a very fun game.

  • this looks really cool cant wait to pick it up

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