P.S. I will continue this over time but for now, I shall just type from memory.

 inFAMOUS for the PS3 is one of my utter favorite games. Nothing in my opinion has surpassed it. Sucker Punch outdid themselves because I truly disliked Sly Cooper. It was a pain. Mainly because espionage isn't my forte. I prefer blasting in with a helicopter, firing until I run out of rockets and ammo, then jump out with my carbine, light MG, and grenades and low the enemy to shreds. inFAMOUS allowed me to do that, just without guns. My strategies are mainly so. If you aren't like me, close the menu, crawl into fetal position and cry to mommy.

Rooftop Attack

Many people, I've noticed through playthroughs and watching others play in person, when noticing an enemy below them while they rooftop jump, attack from the edge and stay under cover. This is like a seesaw tactic (Seesaw tactic - a tactic, strategie, etc. that one person moves and the other counters or counteracts the move). You move to attack, they hide for cover. You hide for cover, they attack. The best way is to either a) attempt a sticky grenade (difficult and/or impossible if there "conveniently" is a staircase fire escape blocking you and protecting them from your attacks) or b) thunder drop (attempt a splash and crash?)  then punch the *** out of that guy or zap him.

Stunt Takedown

When given the opportunity to use a stunt to slaughter an enemy or enemies, do so. In the First Glimpse mission after you drop the medical crate, you have an excellent opportunity for a Splash and Crash. Enviro Takedowns are always available on the streets. Blast and Bolts require no skill. Sticky Grenades are easier and fun to watch. High Falls are worth a trophy. Everything is easy to obtain.