This is my first review, but this is a game that I couldn't pass up writing about reviewing.  I had never even heard of this game until it came up as an option for free download after the PSN fiasco a while back.

As most people, this game is based around a morality system with multiple choices throughout the game.  I chose to play this game simply from a Hero perspective.  First of all, I found the controls of the game to be solid.  It was pretty simple to get Cole to pull off any move needed in the game.  Another positive for this game is the amount of power you feel as you progress.  At the beginning as you first receive your original power, you still feel like you have great power.  As you progress, the power builds and builds and you feel like you are unstoppable.

This game also doesn't disappoint story wise.  The story I found to be interesting and engaging, and did very well incorporating the morality portion of the game.  Along the way, you end up having to make choices you didn't realize you would ever have to make (and hopefully no one in real life should have to make).  There a couple big twists and turns along the way, but I don't want to spoil this game for anyone who has not yet played it or finished it.

The world you are put into as Cole is large and beautiful (as beautiful as things can get after major devastation).  There are a number of sidequests that you can do to help towards full completion and also will add insight to the story and progress the good/evil side of Cole.

The one downside I would say is that, for the most part, there is a limited number of enemy types and from island to island they mostly look the same.  I would also have occasional glitches in the game that would cause me to fail missions that I couldn't control and even put me in weird places when I would respawn while in the middle of a mission.  However, these issues were minimal and rarely hurt the amount of fun I had playing this game.

To top it off, the final boss fight is fun and frustrating at the same time.  As I played the game on Hard difficulty it took me quite a while to finish the final boss fight, but that just made it that much better when I finally finished him off.

Infamous is a great game and I would recommend this to anyone.  I just got Infamous 2 for free through Playstation Plus, so I am excited to move onto the next adventure with Cole!