So, thanks to my friend, I was finally able to catch up on some excellent titles from the PS3 catalog. Most recently, I have finished inFamous, the open world sandbox game that came out a few years ago. The verdict? Not bad.

It didn't blow me away- I'll say that much. There were some "wow" moments, I suppose. The biggest problem with a game that is trying to "wow" so much is that they often skimp on story. inFamous is a perfect example. The storyline is alright, but nothing special. In fact, I found it pretty cheesy until the final few missions where the twists started showing up- but that took a good two-thirds of a very, very long game to get to. Some people might not have the patience, and for good reason.

Mission variety is very exciting... for the first few hours. At a certain point, you begin to realize that missions are recycled with very little variation. In addition, difficulty is often erratic and the same type of mission on the third island might end up much easier than a previous iteration.


The gameplay is where this game shines. There is very little wrong in this department. Virtually everything is scalable and running around the city is very fun- the biggest problem is that after playing inFamous, you will probably try doing the same in another game and end up dissapointed. My experience with the Uncharted 2 demo was hindered a bit by the lack of grabbable objects (but it was still incredibly fun). Unlocking new abilities in inFamous is very rewarding, and the progression is timed well to upgrade just in time for the final boss fight. Bosses are pretty cool, but seem inspired by very old school boss fights (particularly the second fight) up until the end.


The graphics are good in certain parts. The character models are decent body-wise and animations are very, very smooth. However, face models are terrible and cut scenes suffer for it. Also, as you run around the city, understandable but noticeable pop-up is very common.


Longevity is no problem and impressive for an action game, with lots of collectibles. If you're into that sort of thing. I didn't care for the karma actions, mostly because citizens are always in the way and don't know when to run for cover when a battle is clearly ensuing. Also, the "Karma Moments" often seem contrived and cheesy, and almost always with punishment for the "good" choice. I was good, and did not replay with the bad path... but I didn't really care. The same main events will happen, with a presumably different ending.


All in all, it was pretty alright. Not in the upper echelon, but I would like to see where they go from here. And on that note, I would like to say for my part, I couldn't care less if they change the voice actor for Cole. His voice was painfully generic and Dark Knight Batman-like.