George Lucas is a man of cinematic genius. He knows action at its best, and where and how it should perform. Sadly, this interpretation of his beloved adventurer, Indiana Jones, gets stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      If George had to play most of his games, he would of made them into films and made a fortune to make up for them. Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings takes place in Egypt, where Indiana is found plundering an ancient artifact, as usual. As the adventure unfolds, so does a tutorial.

      "How to play" has never been so off-beat. Whether you swing to soft or to hard, Indiana's whip either misses its target or doesn't unravel upon request. The same happens in combat; sensitive controls leave you down in out of the game's evolving plot.


     Staff of Kings has a surprising story along with secrets to keep you immersed to the very end. From Egypt to Nepal, there's much to explore and puzzles to solve. Gunplay is a drawback to Indiana Jones. I mean, where would he be if that swordsman had slashed him to pieces in The Temple of Doom? Besides his whip and fists, the weapon of choice is disregarded and frowned upon.

     Reaching the denouement helps clear up twists and turns you missed along the way. As you travel, new abilities and clues are gathered for an adventure that stands its ground. Action may not be relevant for the gameplay, but Staff of Kings delivers a jaw-dropping climax that will keep you asking for more.