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Why..Am I Alive!?!?

Just saw and played Ubisoft Shanghai's most anticipated game - I AM ALIVE at a friend's place. I must say i really waited a long time for this release and i can sure say i wasn't disappointed. Why? Well for starters, my friend has an Xbox360! :) The game really pulls u in and the environment is really something. The audio n video synchronization is pretty good, except in some places coz of some minor glitches (being a moderate gamer, i have a tendency to ignore them!). The gameplay is pretty awesome with the ability to climb up buildings and to kill your target in multiple ways. The storyline is a huge success, aptly written and keeps you wanting for more. Many a time i really thought this game was a cross breed between the assassins creed and the resident evil franchises..and that sort of spooked me! In-game interaction is pretty decent, nothing to complain. I haven't finished playiing it, so I can't say if there are going to be any different sorts of glitches or not. But to gamer, who like me, waited enough to get this game I can positively say "I like what I see" :)

All in all this is definitely a game to play. My only negative feedback is, like many others, I really wanted this game for PC. Growing up playing all games on my PC, this was something different for me and can connect with the millions of people who are disappointed they can't get this game. I really believe the gaming industry gets a real boost with games coming out for PCs and urge Ubisoft Shanghai to reconsider their decision about releasing this game for PC.


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