It took me a while to write this review mainly because I had mixed feelings about the game when they released the new trailer that showed the actual gameplay. Not everything appealed to me in the trailer but the fact you can use a balance of power system surprised me. I saw the review and most where good. I then bought the game on XBLA and tried out the game myself. I wasn't dissapointed that much.

FIrst off, I just want to say that the game itself is very dark and grainy/bright in some moments, which fits the post apocolyptic world well.  The game is pretty in some setpeices but in other areas it's just downright ugly. Some textures also look muddy from close up. I can't say the same for the facial animations, they look pretty bad. The dust storms look good though.

The story was meh at it's best. I know it's about a man trying to reunite with his family after a apocolypse happens. But the game really never explains why the apocolypse happens or where the dust came from (well to me anyway).

I have mixed feelings about the sounds also. The gun shots sound great but everything else from the machete clatter to the fence opening (I don't know how many times I had to do that) sound muddy and incomplete. The voice actors sounds pretty darn good for an arcade downloadable though.

The game play is the final peice. The platforming sections are put in perfectly and the exploration for supplies also is good. I also liked how you can help other survivors by giving them your med-kit and you get a replay for that and a bit of what happened. The stamina/health bar also fit in perfectly. You struggle as you run out of stamina to get up a tall platforming section which adds tension and a good splash of dramatic music.

7.5/10 for me.