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Hyrule Warriors

Opening Recalls Classic NES Zelda, Reveals Items

A Japanese Hyrule Warriors video with a title roughly translated to "adventure mode opening movie," recalls the original NES Zelda.

It's unclear if this is the actual prologue players see when they begin the game's adventure mode, or if this is just a video put together to promote the game on Tecmo Koei's YouTube channel. Alongside the classic music and opening crawl, the video also showcases a number of items that will presumably appear in the game including bombs, a compass, a ladder, a candle, water bombs, a power bracelet, ice arrows, digging mitts, the hookshot, a raft, the goodess' harp, and a flute.

Hyrule Warriors is coming exclusively to Wii U on September 26. To learn about the game's confirmed cast of playable characters, head here. To read about who we hope appears in the game, head here.

[Source: Tecmo Koei on YouTube]

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  • Free Buy Nintendo plug of the day. Can this game come out already,like Smash brothers so it can stop taking up front page real estate. No wonder most players outside Nintendo fans are visiting game sites anymore.
  • I just don't understand why GI didn't cover the Direct last Monday evening or Tuesday morning. They covered all this in a 26 minute video. I'm excited for this game but hope they leave some surprises for us when we pick it up.

  • I was on the fence about this game but when I saw the Nintendo Direct on monday it made me want it. Most of the credit goes to learning about Adventure Mode.

    Added to wishlist

  • look at that.... water?

  • Hey remember when Link had the warrior capability to take on armies? Yeah me neither...
  • I´m also eagerly waiting the game to be released so that we can all move on to Zelda WiiU hype and forgot that this mess never existed. I can´t wait to see how hard this *** fails, but I´m also worried how this will affect on how the masses are thinking about Zelda games in general.

  • Japan's Zelda Musou Pre-Order is awesome.

  • These items won't be in the 3D game, but the 2D adventure mode that uses Zelda 1's map. The only items in the dynasty warriors part of the game seem to be the bombs, boomerang, bow, hookshot, and I think the bottle. They're all upgradable to things like the sacred bow, gale boomerang, and bigger... bombs...

  • I have a terrible taste in my mouth from the last Dynasty Warriors experience I had, which was the first Gundam crossover (I think - it's so hard to keep track of these things).

    But after watching the Nintendo Direct on it, I'm more interested. There's a lot of potential in this game, and the combat seems like it could be pretty fun. Maybe not DMC fun, but fun nonetheless.

  • I'm more interested in this game now than when it was first introduced. I was afraid that it was going to be a dynasty warriors game with Legend of Zelda skin. But it feels more of a mixture between the two and not relying one over the other. I don't expect this game to be incredible or outstanding. But I do think it will be a fun game and worth the investment, especially for Zelda fans who always wanted to play as someone besides Link. I hope there are more surprises that have yet to be revealed.
  • You guys are really behind. They discussed all of this and more in the Hyrule Warriors direct a few days ago.
  • Mod

    Can't wait to play this!!!

  • I'm not a Zelda fan, love nintendo, but just not my style. This game looks so amazing though that I will be preordering and buying. Also a preorder bonus for a Nintendo game in the USA? Yes please. Hope Nintendo keeps preorder bonuses coming