In advance of a Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct tonight, Koei Tecmo has delivered three new trailers. Link and Zelda are each getting costume changes representing their incarnations across the franchise. Lana gets a new skill set powered by the Deku tree.

Link and Zelda will be able to dress up in their Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess garb. You can see the differences below.

Lana’s new trailer shows off a new weapon set derived from the great Deku tree itself. She can swing a Deku stick in melee combat, float on a large Deku leaf, or summon Deku seeds to join the fight.

Hyrule Warriors will be out on September 26 for Wii U. For more check out our preview from E3 and running list of announced characters. You can also tune in tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific / 11 p.m. Eastern for a Nintendo Direct on the title.