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Hyrule Warriors

New Trailer Offers Us A Tease Of Midna's Abilities

While already announced as a playable character for quite some time, the princess of Twilight has got herself a new trailer. The trailer offers plenty of intense gameplay and shows off some of the moves Midna can use.

Pitched as Dynasty Warriors meets The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule Warriors puts you in the shoes of your favorite characters from the Zelda series and has you fighting off hordes of enemies. Midna, for instance, has the ability to harness the power of Twilight and wipe out scores of enemies with a single smash.

Hyrule Warriors comes out on August 14 in Japan and September 26 in North America. To read more about the confirmed cast coming to the hack-and-slash, check out our recent feature.

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  • She looks the best so far imo. She would be my first pick to play as.

  • Midna you tease.
  • Ohhhh yes, yes, yes! I also hope her other Form is in this game, too!

  • Fan service: the game

  • I hope you can turn off that rupee collecting sound, it's quite annoying.

  • Holy carp I NEEEDDD this in my life!

  • That laugh started to get annoying about halfway through that trailer.

  • This is cool.

  • That was really awesome to watch, but with the game releasing in about 3 months, when are they going to show more playable characters?
  • Midna *is* a short tease.

  • This game is starting to look like a Dynasty Warriors version of Twilight Princess.

  • I'd rather have a third of the enemy on screen at a time if it meant they'd attack back and try to dodge. Whatever, guess I'm ok feeling like a god. EDIT: I take it back just saw half of the 40 minute E3 demo and didn't know about captains and bosses.
  • I really an excited to play this.

  • Mod

    This game just keeps looking better and better!

  • I might get this for Midna alone, she has this unexplainable allure . . .