We've got the screenshots, details, and debut trailer for this stunning new title.

If you're wondering if Hydrophobia is a downloadable game, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. This Xbox Live Arcade game was only recently revealed, so it's impossible to know if the gameplay will end up matching up with the beautiful visuals. However, we have uncovered some interesting tidbits about the game's story, along with the tech behind the game's creation.

Hydrophobia is the brainchild of Dark Energy Digital, a British developer that focuses on creating high-end downloadable products. The developer claims that the procedural technology of its "InfiniteWorlds" game creation system helps to dramatically reduce file size, enabling retail level production values in a downloadable game. Dark Energy is also excited to tout the fluid dynamics of their new game. In-game water has an incredibly real shape and flow, enabling some cool visual and gameplay mechanics utilizing moving water.

Water seems to take center stage in Hydrophobia, which is set on a giant, sinking city-sized ship called the "Queen of the World." The game presents the fictional backdrop of an overpopulated future, where humanity is running out of food and other resources on land. The Earth's most affluent citizens live upon the Queen, and tour the oceans in an endless circuit. It's not clear exactly what has happened as the game begins, but it's obvious that some part of the plan didn't work out; the ship has been flooded. Ship systems engineer Kate Wilson steps in as the game's heroine, She's trapped in the lower decks while a wider political crisis plays out across other parts of the rapidly-sinking vessel.

Utilizing the aforementioned fluid dynamics technology, Hydrophobia bases its action around the manipulation of water and other liquids in the environment. Kate will be able to use floating oil to light up her enemies, electricity to send shocks along open pools, or simply manipulate water flow to drown the bad guys. Combat plays out on the surface and underwater.

Microsoft is set to publish this surprising new title, but they've yet to speak about a potential release date. While we wait to learn more, Dark Energy was kind enough to send us along their debut trailer, which shows off both the attractive water effects and physics, along with information on the storyline.