For $15 it is a killer deal. And how many $15 games are going to have a real story, concept art blah blah blah? It is simply a fun game. And I don't understand how a game can have good replay value when the "novelty wears off quickly".  You can fly around more if you look to a cover spot and press a while in flight, but that wouldn't really be a good idea would it? People kind of tend to shoot at guys just flying around, so I don't know why you would point to that as a flaw. And rate it for what it is, $15. Don't involve $60 games like halo, which can also take forever to load. How do you write that all that and give it a 6? What kind of budget do you think these people had to work with anyway? Ok, whatever you rate games will be ignored by me from now on, and I will just check the metacritic rating. Terrible review, please go back to doing whatever you did before it involved reviewing games. Fun game that scratches shooter, customization and space marine itches. Just play the demo and figure it out for yourself. The people that made this game deserve better than that bs number. 15 of 21 reviews are 76 and up.  Bad reviews (6) ain't exactly what this industry needs. Don't miss out on this game.