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How to Survive

How To Survive Cuts A Path Through The Undead To Xbox 360 and Steam Today

Just like the undead population in any zombie apocalypse, games starring shambling corpses are in abundance. Eko Software and publisher 505 Games are throwing their own entry into the fleshy ring today with How to Survive.

The launch trailer shows a title that borrows elements from a number of other undead-focused adventures. You'll find bloated Boomeresque zombies, weapon crafting (Dead Island, Dead Rising 2), and an isometric perspective (Dead Nation). 

Is there room in your life for another zombie game? Check out the launch trailer (and download the Xbox Live demo) to help you make a decision.


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  • Looks sluggish and poorly animated
  • lol awesome

  • Hey GI, will you be putting up a review and/or test chamber of this today?
  • Mod

    The E3 demo was fun, and co-op should be even better. For fans of Dead Island/Dead Nation, it's worth consideration.

  • I'm Zombied out.

  • I'm more interested in the DayZ standalone, which was added the Steam database this morning.

  • I dunno. Looks like a good time to me.

  • Every modern console I own has zombie games I've purchased.  Is there room for another?

    It looks like there always is.

  • Imma get this for WiiU, since they said it will have GamePad features.

  • *Cough* Cash grab

  • This looks like it could be fun, but I have serious zombie fatigue.  

  • Fun!