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How to Survive

505 Games Is Joining The Zombie Apocalypse

I wish we could tell you what sets EKO Studios' upcoming How to Survive apart from other survival-focused zombie apocalypse simulators. Unfortunately, the information that came with this first batch of screenshots was a bit sparse.

The title, which will be published by 505 Games (who is also publishing the upcoming PayDay 2) on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and Steam, will put players on an archipelago off the coast of South America. There, they will have to craft weapons, find vital supplies, and survive hordes of infected.

The cause of the zombie apocalypse in How to Survive is a mystery, but then again, so is pretty much everything else about the game at this point. Hopefully we'll have some more information about this title soon. For now, we've got five screenshots, including one that seems to depict a survivor fighting off some zombies with a t-shirt cannon. 

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  • Whatever happened to that zambambo game called the Human Element?
  • *cough*State of Decay*cough*
  • Next generation better not be the same as this gen; Zombies and sequels.
  • 505 should stick to picking up interesting-looking games they find on Kickstarter, like they're doing with Takedown: Red Sabre. We don't need more zombie games. This stupid fad has almost died! We just have the Walking Dead and Day Z that are still successful. Everything else seems quickly forgotten and disappointing. Let's keep pushing and soon, zombies will be gone from our games for a long, long time!

  • Mod
    Hmm. Already seems more interesting than that new Dead Island game.
  • I think I'll stick with State of Decay.

  • I dont think I would enjoy it, but it looks like a great concept.

  • Let the zombies continue to drive on.

  • Seems fun

  • looks like a five year olds homework also payday sucked

  • Sounds like a dumbed down version of Dead Island. I think it's about that time where we are seeing too many zombie games. I love zombies and some zombie video games, but it's getting a little ridiculous now. Hopefullly they can add something new and exciting to the zombie genre...

  • I honestly don't mind all of these zombie survival games. Let's see what sets it apart from the rest though when more information gets released.

  • Looks a lot like diablo. I;d be interested in playing a diablo clone on the vita.
  • Looks okay, but way too many zombies these days.