House Of The Dead Overkill takes the House Of The Dead series into a whole new direction with its dialogue, gore, and resemblance to 70's horror flicks. It serves as a prequel to House Of The Dead and is Agent G's first mission ( Zombies what a great first mission).

Well to begin with, Overkill plays like any other on-rails shooter and I felt comfortable with the simple, easy to use controls. It plays like any other rail shooter but keeps you entertained with the hilarious dialogue and funny cutscenes.

Most rail-shooters only give you one weapon but Overkill takes a note from Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles and adds different gun varieties into the mix. The way I saw it each new weapon gave each level a different feel unlike The Umbrella Chronicles. The weapon you choose is the weapon you use throughout the level ( with the exception of the Overkill level) and sometimes even offers quite a challenge (try scoring a Goregasm with an automatic weapon).

After taking a look at House Of The Dead 5's graphics I have to admit that I was hoping for those same special graphics to appear in Overkill. Needless to say I was disappointed but hey you can't have everything your way. The graphics are ok for a Wii game but you really can't judge a book by it's cover seeing as the fun in this game doesn't lie in the graphics.

Ahh the sound of this game. No not the music but the hilarious dialogue and Detective Washington's F- Bomb's are what makes this game one of the most memorable. The music score itself is ok and I particularly found it interesting as to how one of the songs point back to House Of The Dead.

House Of The Dead Overkill is honestly a game that cannot be missed for all you hardcore Wii owners. Stop complaining and come buy this game.