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  • Blog Post: Homefront Is A Worthy Fight Undermined By Lack Of Polish

    Burdened by a record deficit, shrinking middle class, aging infrastructure, overstretched military, and an increasingly hostile political climate, some might say the United States of America has seen better days. Extrapolating these events alongside a highly implausible reunion between North and South... More
  • Blog Post: Atmosphere Is King In Kaos Studios’ New Shooter

    Kaos Studios’ Homefront is taking the familiar framework of a traditional shooter and setting it uncomfortably close to home. In case you’ve missed the setup, all you really need to know is that it takes place in a horrific version of the United States in 2027. North Korea has occupied the... More
  • Blog Post: Tanks And Helicopters Assault New Homefront Screens

    In THQ's upcoming FPS, Homefront, gamers are immersed in the "what if" scenario of North Korea's invasion of... everything. An Orwellian big brother watches over all, and an army equipped with ominous tanks and helicopters threatens any dissenters. This latest batch of Homefront screenshots... More
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