And that's for many reasons.... Call me spoiled, or call me picky, but when it comes to FPS's I need variety throughout the game to keep my attention.  Sadly, there is none in Homefront.  There is nothing about this game that would/should turn any one's attention away from the Call of Duty's or Battlefield's or Halo's of today.

     Visually, it looks alright. Nothing spectacular about the graphics, really, but nothing awful either.  It looks current generation, as far as graphics go.  They did not, however, put any effort into giving you variety with environments. Every street and every house and every building looks the same as every other street and every other house and every other building.  Until you get out into the rural area for a mission, it will all feel like the same place.  And even then, you will soon begin to feel the same boredom, because it's the same farmhouse or group of farmhouses or buildings in the same fields over and over.  But there weren't any game-killing visual glitches that I noticed on my playthrough, and that's always a plus.

     The sound effects...  You've heard them all before, and probably with better quality.  I was not impressed at all with the sounds of the game, from the weapons, characters, or vehicles.  The worst, by far, is the character development.  You don't hear much from them during the action in between gunfire, or whilst running through buildings, but when you do, it is random bickering that comes out of nowhere.  The man and woman lead characters continually argue throughout the action when they're together on screen, and it is the most vague, awfully acted arguements I have ever heard in a video game. They constantly reference things from the past, that are never explained, or yell at one another to randomly calm down when neither one was doing anything. It just totally pulls me out of what little action I was involved in at any given moment in-game. But, everyone is not the same, and others may like it.

     Gameplay, it's a first-person shooter.  That's all there really is to say about it. What I said about the visuals, also applies to the bad guys and guns.  There is no variety.  It will be the same bad guys throughout, and the same guns throughout.  With the exception of the random rural area, but within that, again, it is all the same.  And there is no point at which you make your own real decisions. It is a constant barrage of commands that consist of, "Follow me/him/them there, kill him/them, follow me/him/them back to here."  There is an unmanned buggy with rockets that you get to control every now and then, and although fun, it is one of the most random things in the game, beside the two lead characters back-and-forth, and it just did not fit for me.  But it is just a videogame... A very short videogame, by the way. The campaign will take an average gamer probably around 3-4 hours to complete on the hardest setting.  And also, like the visuals, there were no game-killing gameplay glitches that I noticed.  Just the randomness of plot and characters.

     Overall, I gave it a 5. I neither loved it, nor hated it. Homefront is just a very short, mediocre FPS.  I won't really call it a waste of time, because it took almost no time at all to complete it, but I will say that it is not enjoyable.  Even for a casual gamer such as myself.  But the ruling is always yours to make, of course, for this is just my opinion of Homefront.