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  • Blog Post: Pretty Empty

    Many adherents of the indie gaming scene accuse many modern triple-A games of being all flash and no substance - big budget boondoggles that rely on huge action-flick set pieces and expensive graphics to cover up their lack innovative gameplay. Hohokum is proof that the same can be said for games that... More
  • Blog Post: Glide Through The Striking Puzzler Early Next Month

    Honeyslug's charming and vibrant Hohokum has a new launch trailer. PlayStation Plus members who pre-order get a discount, and all pre-orders come with exclusive DLC and a PlayStation 3 theme. Hohokum is a game that focuses on interactivity and trying new things. Everything in the world has the potential... More
  • Blog Post: Release Date, Game Design Trailer Slither Onto The Scene

    Honeyslug designer and co-founder Ricky Haggett has announced that Hohokum arrives on the PlayStation Store August 12 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. He also released a video demonstrating Hohokum's evolution from inception to present day. Haggett and art director Richard Hogg discuss... More
  • Blog Post: Visit The Guano Factory In The Latest Hohokum Trailer

    The latest trailer for Hohokum showcases a less-friendly location in Hohokum's typically pleasant world. According to Ricky Haggett, Honeyslug Entertainment co-founder and Hohokum's designer, the Guano factory, "is a noisy, dirty place, full of pipes and strange machines and bad smells."... More
  • Blog Post: Get Lost On A Flying Rainbow Snake In This Sony Indie Game

    Sony says Hohokum is a playground to lose yourself in. Seeing as we have no idea what's happening in this new trailer for the game, that description seems appropriate. If Hohokum isn't on your radar, our interview with co-creators Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg should catch you up. It's a... More
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