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Get Lost On A Flying Rainbow Snake In This Sony Indie Game

Sony says Hohokum is a playground to lose yourself in. Seeing as we have no idea what's happening in this new trailer for the game, that description seems appropriate.

If Hohokum isn't on your radar, our interview with co-creators Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg should catch you up. It's a whimsical, playful game with a heavy focus on exploration. In the video and screens below, it looks like you'll spend a lot of time atop a twilling, multi-colored snake creature while listening to ethereal music.

Hohokum from developer Honeyslug is set to release in 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Cross-save functionality is supported across all three platforms.

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  • That's certainly...unique.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  It might be fun.

  • Dear Japan, you might want to rethink how you name things.

    Edit: Okay not Japan, but intentional then?
  • i'm so looking forward to this. it reminds me of the art style of mary blair. and that is always a good thing.

  • Loco Roco + Noby Noby Boy + Flower = Hohokum

    Looks cool, will play

  • Really liking the art presentation.

  • Colorful and nice.