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  • Blog Post: A Stylish Puzzle Game Stuck In A Stalemate

    Some gaming experiences simply aren't conducive to mobile platforms. Rather than try to translate Hitman's complex mix of stealth and action to touchscreens, Square Enix Montreal targeted a completely different genre and aesthetic for its new mobile spinoff. Surprisingly, the Hitman formula works... More
  • Blog Post: Hitman GO Launches For iOS Today With New Trailer

    Hitman GO is taking a very unique approach to bringing Square Enix's Agent 47 to mobile - along with one of the most unique art styles we've seen in a while. The game essentially turns the traditional Hitman gameplay into a strategy game, as you carefully maneuver and plan your hits. It also... More
  • Blog Post: Hitman Go Turns Assassination Into A Puzzle

    Ever since Hitman Go was announced for mobile platforms, I've been enamored of the board game/diorama art style. The miniatures representing Agent 47 and his marks makes assassination the most charming of pastimes. The title, which is out on April 17, is designed for mobile. It doesn't try to... More
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