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Hitman Go

Hitman GO Launches For iOS Today With New Trailer

Hitman GO is taking a very unique approach to bringing Square Enix's Agent 47 to mobile - along with one of the most unique art styles we've seen in a while.

The game essentially turns the traditional Hitman gameplay into a strategy game, as you carefully maneuver and plan your hits. It also features an incredible art style, which makes the entire game look like a real-world diorama. For a more detailed look at the game, check out our previous coverage.

Hitman GO is available on the iTunes store today for $4.99.

  • I have to say, this looks really cool and interesting. The first thing I thought when I saw it's artistic spin was "can I get a real board game like that?"

  • I hope this comes out on other devices, as well as consoles both last-gen and current-gen.
  • I agree the art style is refreshingly unique. This is one I may pick up but I'd like to see a review first.

  • I've been playing the game all day and it's awesome. Highly recommended :)

  • Both the visual style of the game as well as the editing style of this trailer were amazing! Hopefully I'll have enough space on my iPad to play this. The rendering style looks amazing as all of the pieces and sets look like real playing pieces. I can't stop ranting about the look and tone of this game! Ahhh!!

    Hitman IS a strategic game, so I think Mr. Helgeson might need to consider rewording the sentence, but certainly no harm done. I keep this game near and dear to my heart and want others who may not have had a chance to play this game a better understanding as to what the game has in store. Thus it'd be quite a risk to insinuate that it might not require strategy.

    If anyone hasn't played Contracts or Blood Money they are surely missing out on some of the best Hitmans' to be released. (I'd say they were even better than Absolution, in my opinion.) The "word on the street" is that the updated HD Hitman games are incredible and worth playing all over again.

  • Put it on something other than apple and ill buy it.
  • Very interesting idea

  • This has got to be one of my all-time favorite iOS games! It has an incredible art style and the puzzles are insanely challenging. I'm on the second box of levels and I'm already just flat stuck. Completing every challenge is addicting and turns this into a perfect gaming experience.
  • Pretty cool. I wonder if they'll make this available in the Windows store.